‘The Boston Plan’

Congratulations on qualifying for the Boston Marathon! Now it’s time to train for it! Believe it or not you CAN PR at Boston! The right training plan you will get your ready to tackle the uphills AND the downhills on the historic Boston Marathon course!

Our Boston Marathon Personal Coaching Program will get you ready for the the up and down hill racing you’ll experience on the Boston Marathon course.

Boston Marathon Personal Coaching Features:

Specific uphill and downhill workouts to help you tackle the Newton Hills and the famous ‘Heartbreak Hill’

Whether your training location allows you to run outside during the winter or if you have to do more of your training indoors our Boston Marathon Custom Training Plan has you covered!

The Boston Marathon Personal Coaching Program is designed personally for you. Not only is the program geared to get you ready for the Boston Marathon course, but we tailor your training program based on your goals, training history and injury history. On top of that we work with you to improve your nutrition, develop a race strategy and much more. Personal coaching gives you unlimited communication with your coach, constant feedback and accountability.

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Link to the Boston Marathon official website – http://www.baa.org/