Our Mission – To help runners train smarter, chase their running dreams and reach their full running potential.

As a Chicago based running coaching company, it is our mission to help people reach their full running potential. We are dedicated to helping anyone who wants to be the best runner they can be. No matter where you’re starting at or what your running goals are, we are here to help guide you every step of the way.

We believe we can change the world through running. We believe that developing excellence in one area of life carries over to the rest of your life. The tool we use to create excellence is running. Excellence in running is consistent day-to-day training, being mentally prepared and listening to your body. When you develop an excellence in running we believe you are more likely to be a better mom and dad, husband and wife, son and daughter, friend, employee or employer. We believe there will be stronger families and better communities and ultimately a better society because we understand ourselves better and thus, each other better. Because of the unique characteristics of running as you train you become a daily goal setter and goal achiever. You understand suffering and triumph. You develop a stronger mind and realize that you can achieve things that at one time you may not have believed were possible. It is our hope that through running it will help you be the best person you can be and reach your fullest potential.

Who We Are

Full Potential Running is for the runner who is dedicated to improving their running no matter your talent level, experience or age. Our job is to help you improve to the best of your ability as a runner. We may never reach our fullest potential as athletes, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

What makes us different is we believe that having a coach is the best thing you can do to ensure your running success. Not all coaches are the same. It’s important to have somebody that knows how to help you reach your running goals and that can give objective feedback, lead, encourage, motivate, inspire, educate, adapt and keep you on the right track with your training.

We don’t believe in general training plans, because we are all different and require something a little different. For those looking not looking for a coach, but wanting something more than a generic running training plan we offer personalized and custom running training plans.

Our Experience

With a combined 20 years of coaching experience we have coached runners of all ages, ability levels and backgrounds. We coach competitive high school and college runners, beginner/new runners, runners looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon, the Olympic Trials and beyond.

Our Bios

Eric Wallor

Eric Wallor

Co-Founder and Head Coach

Eric has been the Assistant Men‘s and Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois since 2008. As a coach, Eric has help lead the Harper Men‘s Cross Country Team to sixth straight NJCAA Division III Cross Country National Championships (2011-2016). In 2016, the Harper Women’s Cross County Team captured their first NJCAA Division III Cross Country National Championship after finishing second at nationals the previous two years (2014-2015). Eric was also apart of the coaching staff on the 2012 Harper College Men’s Track & Field National Championship team. Individually, Eric has coached over 40 men and women All-American athletes at Harper between cross country and track.

In 2014, Eric was asked to lead and coach the first ever 5k training program offered to Harper College faculty and students. Many of the participants had never run before.

As a coach with Full Potential Running, Eric personally coaches men and women athletes ranging from ages 10-83 with various goals that range from qualifying for the Boston Marathon, running a personal best, improving overall fitness, getting faster, improving running form, enjoying running without injury and losing weight. Additionally, Eric works one-on-one with many Chicago area runners and sport-specific athletes. Including junior high, high school, college runners/athletes and many others who are training for a road races ranging from 5k’s, half marathons and marathons.

Eric was a Harper College athlete after graduating from Fremd High School in Palatine in 2001. While at Harper, Eric was a two time All-American in cross country and three-time All-American in track, as well as being a national champion in the 1500m during the 2003 track season.

After graduating from Harper College, Eric continued his collegiate running career at the University of Illinois with the Fighting Illini. Eric was a top-five runner on the cross country team for two years. He also competed in Regional’s and the Big Ten Championships in cross country and track.

Marathon - 2:24:59
Half-Marathon - 1:07:54
10 Mile - 51:30
10k - 31:23
8k - 24:39
5k - 14:47
3k - 8:23
Mile - 4:13

Michael Lucchesi

Michael Lucchesi

Co-Founder and Head Coach

Michael started his coaching education while running at York High School in Elmhurst, IL. While running under former Olympic Distance Coach Joe Newton, Michael was a member of two state championship teams in his four years. He was also the captain of the cross country and track teams while at York. In college Michael ran under 38 year veteran coach, Gary Weineke, who has coached the 2nd most amount of sub-4 minute milers in NCAA history. At University of Illinois Michael started as a walk on and worked his way up to being Illinois’ top runner by his junior year and received All-Region honors his last two years.

After graduating college Michael coached numerous All-Americans at the NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III and Junior College levels. He now works for New Balance and coaches the New Balance Chicago Racing Team. In 2016, the team had three women qualify for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Michael currently coaches one Olympian, who ran the marathon in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He also coaches five Olympic Trials Qualifiers. At the 2016 USA Marathon Olympic Trials in Los Angeles the New Balance Chicago Racing Team qualified four athletes for the race (all coached by Coach Lucchesi). This was the most athletes any Chicago area team has ever sent to the Marathon Olympic Trials. Additionally, Michael’s wife, Kristen Heckert, finished 27th overall at the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials. She was the top finisher from Illinois.

Of the 48 athletes Michael trained in 2016 (Full Potential Running and New Balance Chicago); 46 of them had PR’s in their main event.

Mile: 4:27
5K: 14:38
10k: 30:50
Half Marathon: 1:08
Olympic Tri: 2:09